Ahhhhhh Summer

Wow! What great weather we are having. Hopefully everyone is enjoying summer 2018!!!

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Spring has Sprung!

We lost lots of snow this past weekend and the forecast look extremely promising. There are still some overnight lows that concern me but it is Manitoba and that will likely be the case until June. Let us know when you plan on coming up and we will have water on for your arrival.

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March 1st 2018

Only a month away and we will start opening up cottages and turning on water! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have a warm spring. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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Winter 2017

Well that escalated quickly! From a decent first week or 2 in October to full blown winter by the end of the month. Unfortunately a few people got caught and had frozen water lines to deal with. I believe we helped everyone we could and will hope for the best in the spring of 2018. [...]

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